Hi, My name is Krishna Priya. Most of my friends call me Priya. I am a Graduate in Computer Engineering worked as an Assistant Professor until Marriage. After 3 years of happy married life God blessed us a baby Boy named Riyan. Now he is 20 months old.Being a busy mother of a hyper active kid,its become hard to write a blog to me.But anyway, Blogging is my Passion and Cooking is my favorite hobby. I mixed both of them and the result is Chicken Platter.
Chicken Platter is a blog consists of only chicken Recipes. Chicken is the most favorite food of people who love Non-Veg.In this blog I am providing all types of recipes made with Chicken.
Hey, do you know why I choose only Chicken recipes coz its our favorite food and I regularly cook chicken by doing lot of experiments,referring lot of blogs,books and so on..
I am living in Rajahmundry a beautiful place with good scenic beauty,rich in culture,a place where Telugu language was born.There's a lot to say about my place.It is one of the biggest cities of the state Andhra Pradesh,in India.
My journey to blogging starts here, I don't know where I end this journey in what way..??
But I am sure I will provide you the best recipes which you can easily prepare in your kitchen.Thanks for visiting my blog and read all my story by spending your valuable time for me.
I welcome suggestions from you in developing my blog.


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